Glossop Business Centre

Located in the heart of Glossop, Derbyshire in the old Cooperative Building over looking Norfolk Square.

Less than 200 yards from Glossop Station which is 45 minutes away from Manchester City Centre.

Office Space availability, Meeting Rooms to choose from, Hot Desking, facilities on hand for all occupants and a friendly welcome make for the perfect working environment for miles around.

Meeting Rooms

Cater your meetings, training and conferences in fully furnished rooms, varying in sizes from 4 to 75 people. 

Hot Desking

When you need a desk for as little as an hour to a full day then GBC has the solution for you. Includes WiFi with hot and cold drinks available.

Office Space

Private offices, furnished or unfurnished includes heating, electricity and optional cleaning. Easy in and easy out terms.

Office Space Available from 1 to 6 Persons


Glossop’s industrial past is hard to ignore…
It’s in our heritage. It’s in our architecture. It’s a part of who we are.
That same ancestral grit and determination to succeed is why you, as a local business owner, have decided to create something for yourself.
Going it alone though, can be tough.
None of us has all the answers.
Entrepreneurs, business leaders, artisans, whatever we call ourselves – the road can be lonely, and we can become trapped by the dreaded ‘imposter syndrome’.
Self doubt can be so limiting, but what if there was another way?
What of there was a place where you could access genuine support from genuine people?
There is…

Glossop Business Centre

Glossop Business Centre is a tremendous business development, right at the heart of the vibrant community of Glossop.
Nestled in nicely between the open moorland of the Dark Peak, and the busy hustle and bustle of Manchester, Glossop is the perfect place for businesses of all sizes to thrive, to grow and to succeed.

The aim of Glossop Business Centre is to galvanise local businesses into collective action, business inspiration and collaborative success.

Rebecca Stambridge
Rebecca StambridgeContented Mind Counselling
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"I have been renting rooms at Glossop Business Centre for a few years now. First to run mindfulness courses but then to offer 1-1 therapy. The facilities are fantastic and offer a comfortable and theraputic environment for my clients. Having a fully staffed reception area and waiting area is an amazing service for my therapy business and I feel very lucky to have a room there. Eric is always on hand to offer practical help but also support for my business. Its great that there are a variety of businesses in the building so that, even though I am a sole business owner, I feel part of a community"
Chris Hinds
Chris HindsHindsight Marketing
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"Renting an office at Glossop Business Centre since 2019 has been an outstanding choice. The facilities are top-notch, and what truly stands out is the supportive atmosphere and networking opportunities with fellow small business owners. It's more than just an office; it's a community that has greatly enriched my business experience.
There's always a warm welcome from Eric and Georgia, who I can now class as close friends."

Two integrated floors

Within the old Co-operative building we inhabit, Glossop Business Centre is spread out across two generously sized floors, featuring a range of facilities including different sized office spaces for let.
Whatever the current size of your business, Glossop Business Centre has the facilities to accommodate and assist you and your ideas.
We may even have the room you need to develop and expand when the time arrives.
Our partner businesses benefit from a range of different features that are the envy of other office spaces between here and Manchester, including:

  • A ‘break out’ business lounge
  • Printing facilities
  • Networking and meeting rooms
  • Boardroom / Conference Room
  • Access to our Training, Exhibitions and Events space – The Peveril Suite
  • Free, fast and reliable Wi-Fi
  • Excellent transport links
  • Range of term license commitments
  • Paper shredding facilities
  • Confidential paper waste destruction

How can we help you?

Office Space

When you choose to take out office space in the Glossop Business Centre, you’re getting so much more than the bricks and mortar you rent…

Yes, the surroundings are breath taking, with views right onto Norfolk Square and then up towards Kinder and Bleaklow in the distance, but that’s not it.

Yes, the walk to the train station is less than two minutes away, making Manchester City Centre just 35 mins away, with ample parking just a few metres from the door, but that’s not it either.

Yes, the facilities within the building are second to none, meaning you can host meetings and run your business in style, but that’s still not it.

What you gain from becoming part of the Glossop Business Centre family is all of these things and more, but the word that sticks out to us is…


By becoming a part of this thriving business community, you are opening up new possibilities and unlocking the hidden potential of your business.

You’ll be working alongside new and enthusiastic start ups, as well as experienced experts in their respective fields.

When you need to knuckle down and concentrate in private, your individual office space allows you to do just that and you can get down to business in your own way, on your own terms.

Make the most of the ‘break out’ business lounge, and booking out of the conference/meeting rooms. They are all there for our businesses to utilise in order to help them thrive, to grow and to succeed.

Conference/Meeting Room Hire

Businesses who take out office space within Glossop Business Centre benefit from:

  • A ‘break out’ business lounge
  • Printing facilities
  • Networking and meeting rooms
  • Boardroom / Conference Room
  • Access to our Training, Exhibitions and Events space – The Peveril Suite
  • Free, fast and reliable Wi-Fi
  • Excellent transport links
  • Range of term license
  • Paper shredding facilities
  • Confidential paper waste destruction

Available Office Space


Large 1-2 Person Office


4-6 Person Office


2-4 Person Office


3-4 Person Office


2-4 Person Office

How (else) can we help you?

Hot Desking

Looking to make the most of Glossop Business Centre, but not quite ready to take the leap and hire office space just yet? We have something for you too.

Our ‘hot desking’ facilities are the best in the area. Swap your busy cafe environment, with all its distractions and disappointments, for our bespoke hot desking environment and give your business the space it deserves. All for a very reasonable Session charge.

With access to free, fast and reliable Wi-Fi, and use of the break out facilities, hot deskers will be able to boost their productivity and work alongside like-minded, hungry professionals and a range of business owners.

There simply isn’t a facility like this in the local area, one where you and your business are afforded the time, space and environment to strive for success.

Within Glossop Business Centre, you’ll find a supportive community who all work alongside each other for the collective good, whilst respecting the need for privacy and the freedom to work on their own terms.

Become part of the community.

By choosing to hot desk within this new and already thriving business community, you are choosing to further your business and reach your goals much more quickly.

Our hot desk facilities are ideal for new and enthusiastic start-up businesses, as well as for experienced business owners with a free flowing approach to their working environment.

We know that running a business is about so much more than the stereotypical 9 to 5, which is why hot desking allows you to break up your day without the commitment of a long lease on an office. Get out to your meeting, to your site visits, for lunch, and then head back to the Business Centre to tie up any loose ends and seal the deal.

‘Hot deskers’ have access to a range of amenities and services within the Glossop Business Centre, that simply aren’t available in other similarly purposed facilities.

Businesses and individuals who choose to hot desk within Glossop Business Centre benefit from:

  • A ‘break out’ business lounge (Free of charge)
  • Free Beverages – Tea, Coffee, Derbyshire Spring Water (Free of charge)
  • Free, fast and reliable Wi-Fi
  • Printing facilities (additional charge)
  • Access to networking and meeting rooms (additional charge)
  • Access to Boardroom / Conference room (additional charge)
  • Access to exhibitions and events suite (additional charge)
  • Confidential shredding facilities (Free of charge)
  • Excellent local transport links

How can we help you?

Suite / Room Rental

If you’re looking for a space to host an exhibition, deliver training or hold a board meeting in, Glossop Business Centre has a range of perfectly suited suites available for hire.

Finding the ‘right’ space has always been a difficult task for businesses and organisations, when it comes to selecting somewhere that meets all and not just some of their needs. This is why the Glossop Business Centre has created a range of different, customisable suites to enable users to find the right space for their requirements.

The Glossop Business Centre
Unit 10, Railway Street, Glossop

“A new way of working…”

The ideal setting

Since the early 1900s this building has been bringing businesses together.

Originally an Industrial Co-operative society, it is now home to a vibrant community of business owners, who are building futures and creating legacies together.

The Glossop Business Centre is perfectly situated, right in the heart of Glossop. 

Stunning views reach across Norfolk Square and stretch right down the high street.

The business centre benefits from:

  • Modern co-working environments and spaces
  • Facilities to host one-off events
  • A relaxed, warm atmosphere
  • Three Suites to suit your specific needs
  • Free, fast and reliable Wi-Fi
  • Private and communal spaces
  • Fantastic transport links
  • Close to train station
  • Close to car parking 

The Deco Suites

“…the buzz of our business”

Business support services for local, national and international businesses.

The Deco Suites feature:

  • Business support services
  • Business mentoring
  • Marketing services
  • Training workshops
  • Design studio
  • Reiki therapy room

The Peveril Suite

“...the space that develops success”

Flexible and unique, providing an exceptional experience for any event.

The Peveril Suite is perfect for:

  • Training events/workshops/team away days
  • Creative sessions
  • Presentations and talks
  • Networking events
  • Private meetings
  • Clubs/Society Meetings

The Peveril Suite is the ideal place to deliver training courses, host networking events or to provide an environment for education purposes such as lectures and experiential learning days. The layout of the suite is fully customisable, with options to suit any business’s requirements.

The Business Lounge

“...inspiring possibilities”

The Business Lounge are perfect for:

  • Networking space
  • Additional Office spaces to Let
  • Additional Co-working/Hot desking break-out space.
  • Business meetings in a professional environment

Hosting an exhibition or stand up networking event? The Gallery Suite provides a town centre focal point for any such event, with plenty of wall space to host artwork, information or anything you choose.

“As long as it’s legal, you can host it here…”

It’s tongue in cheek of course, but the sentiment is pretty much true.

If you need a space to host your ‘thing’ in; be it training, exhibitions, board meetings, networking, socials, events or anything else besides, Glossop Business Centre has the facilities and capabilities to exceed your expectations.

What are you waiting for?

Speak to the team at Glossop Business Centre to discuss the requirements for your event, or training course, or board meeting, or social (you get the idea) and let’s get the ball rolling…


Whatever your catering requirements, we have refreshment packages available to suit a variety of different events and meetings. 

We offer:

  • Menu design in partnership with our caterers
  • Refreshment packages to meet your bespoke requirements 
  • Refreshment packages to match your theme


Contact us for more information or to discuss your specific requirements